Adoration of all creatures, creator of healthy skincare, and lover of all things farmhouse. My name is Heather, owner of Le Chateau de Jade.

I started Le Chateau de Jade with a vision to help people live a happier, healthier lifestyle. I am from a farming family. I grew up with lots of critters of every shape and size, which I still (happily) find myself surrounded with today. Among these are my horse, cattle, chickens, dogs, and cats (As well as pretty much any animal that looks homeless or in need of help)!

In the inspiration of my beloved critters, my shop is named after my spoiled doodle dog, Jade. She may not “look” like a farm dog, but don’t let her cute, innocent, good-looks fool you; she keeps up with my Pyrenees/Heeler mix with no issue! Le Chateau de Jade, meaning “Jade’s Country Estate”, was born.

I started creating my own soaps and skincare products after my skin became more and more sensitive. I then started sharing them with my loved-ones, some of whom were also battling skin sensitivities. Better skin health, less ailments, and happier people made me want to share my formulations with you and your families! I use only the highest quality ingredients; no shortcuts here!

From here, I built upon Le Chateau de Jade by including my love of decorating, especially with one-of-a-kind, handmade and antique items. I love to find old items around my families’ farms. Some of these items are 100+ years old, dating back to the homesteading days! There is nothing like a little vintage charm to make your house feel like a home!

I try to add new items frequently, so check back often. Also be on the lookout for special sales posted on my Facebook page!